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As members of the Guru Ram Das Ashram Community, we are devoted to experiencing higher consciousness and committed to supporting each other in elevating and serving others in our daily lives.

The ashram offers diverse opportunities to be nourished and sustained in the company of the Sadh Sangat (holy congregation).  In addition to daily gurdwara services, we organize celebrations of formal Sikh observances and holidays.  We provide assistance and support to those in need, be it cooking and delivering a meal to one who is ill, or gathering together for evening meditation and prayers.  We share good times with family and friends with community "family meetings," monthly birthday parties, picnics in the park, volleyball at the beach, fundraising raffles, and talent shows.  We actively support the larger community by organizing or participating in neighborhood and inter-faith events.  All are welcome to attend the activities listed on the Events Calendar.

GRDA with Sunny DoorsGuru Ram Das Ashram is also a  spiritual community, founded by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan whose founding members, in addition to being Sikhs, practice and teach the technology of Kundalini Yoga.  The Guru Ram Das Ashram Community is home to Yoga West (1535 S. Robertson Blvd.), the first Kundalini Yoga center established by Yogi Bhajan in the Western Hemisphere.  In addition to daily yoga and meditation classes, we do the first part of our early morning spiritual practice (Sadhana) at Yoga West every day and finish at Guru Ram Das Ashram. Come and join us!

Morning Sadhana (Daily Spiritual Practice) at Yoga West

3:45 a.m. -- Japji

4:00 a.m. -- Kundalini Yoga

4:40 a.m. -- Chanting

5:50 a.m. -- Sadhana continues with Kirtan program at Guru Ram Das Ashram

Community Growth Fund

GRDA Building Fund

The GRDA Building Fund helps to expand our community.
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