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Sat Nam!  The End of Summer Bheta Fundraising is underway!

The glorious celebration of the birthday of our beloved Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan reminded us again of the impact of his presence and teachings in our lives, and of the special place he established and named Guru Ram Das Ashram, the center of our community life together in the Court of the Shabd Guru.

Our goal of $5,000 by Sunday, September 10 will cover the summer dip in donations and the increase in the minimum wage.  So far, we have raised over $500.  Let’s close the gap!  Here’s how you can give now:

- EFT, Electronic Funds Transfer, automatically moves your monthly donation from your checking account to the Ashram account, with a minimal fee.  The consistent income allows us to plan and manage.  Email Community Coordinator Tej Mohan Singh for simple instructions,

- Already giving by EFT?  Great!  Email your name, the old amount, the new amount, the day of the month of your monthly donations (if you know) and the month on which to start the new amount to Community Coordinator Tej Mohan Singh,

- PayPal allows you to make automatic monthly donations via your credit card.  The fee is a bit higher than for EFT, but maybe that works better for you (see further below)

- Write your check to Sikh Dharma of Southern CA and mail it to PO Box 35657, Los Angeles, CA 90035, or place it in one of the designated envelopes at Guru’s Feet.

Let’s keep the Light of the Guru shining bright on Preuss Road, as a beacon for ourselves, for the neighborhood and for the world!

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The Community Growth Fund pays for all of Guru Ram Das Ashram's operating expenses, which include Gurpurbs (holidays) and other important community events, guest Ragi Jethas, property rent and maintenance, sevadars and the Community Coordinator, Langar and Guru Prashad supplies, the Guru's flowers, sheet cleanings, and cleaning supplies.

Suggested monthly donations to the Community Growth Fund are $108 per community member.  Donations are tax-deductible.  Click on the Donate button to submit a payment through PayPal.

Here are other ways you can support and donate Guru Ram Das Ashram and Sikh Dharma of Southern California:


Make your donations, in any amount, to:

Sikh Dharma of Southern California

PO Box 35657

Los Angeles, CA  90035


Never write a check again!  To have funds automatically donated to Guru Ram Das Ashram from your checking account (or to increase your current contribution), contact Deva Kaur, Community Coordinator 310-201-0954, or email her at

Please make checks payable to Sikh Dharma of Southern California. To set up automatic withdrawal from your account, contact the Community Coordinator.

Community Growth Fund

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Send all mail to:


Sikh Dharma of Southern California
P.O. Box 35657
Los Angeles, CA  90035


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