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The Community Growth Fund pays for all of Guru Ram Das Ashram's operating expenses, which include Gurpurbs (holidays) and other important community events, guest Ragi Jethas, property rent and maintenance, sevadars and the Community Coordinator, Langar and Guru Prashad supplies, the Guru's flowers, sheet cleanings, and cleaning supplies.

Suggested monthly donations to the Community Growth Fund are $108 per community member.  Donations are tax-deductible.  Click on the Donate button to submit a payment through PayPal.

Here are other ways you can support and donate Guru Ram Das Ashram and Sikh Dharma of Southern California:


Make your donations, in any amount, to:

Sikh Dharma of Southern California

PO Box 35657

Los Angeles, CA  90035


Never write a check again!  To have funds automatically donated to Guru Ram Das Ashram from your checking account (or to increase your current contribution), contact Deva Kaur, Community Coordinator 310-201-0954, or email her at

Please make checks payable to Sikh Dharma of Southern California. To set up automatic withdrawal from your account, contact the Community Coordinator.

Community Growth Fund

GRDA Building Fund

The GRDA Building Fund helps to expand our community.
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Send all mail to:


Sikh Dharma of Southern California
P.O. Box 35657
Los Angeles, CA  90035


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