Miri Piri Academy offers a curriculum and testing program that meets the highest academic standards for high school programs worldwide. Teaching at Miri Piri Academy is student-centered, project-based, and incorporates the multiple intelligences concept. The focus is on nurturing creativity; observation, inquiry and critical reflection; building confidence and self-esteem; shaping character and inculcating abiding values of tolerance and compassion; appreciation of diversity and internationalism. These attributes are vital for each student’s success and global progress.

Our comprehensive academic program is accredited by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), and we offer both IGCSE and A-Level Certification.  Students are eligible for admission to colleges and universities in more then 180 countries around the world. In addition, all graduates of Miri Piri Academy are IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga teachers.

Academic Curriculum
The academic curriculum for all grades is based on the requirements of the CIE and is designed to prepare students for IGCSE and A-Level Certification. In addition to this core curriculum, our specialized curriculum is taught to all grades and includes classes in the following:

  • Computer Technology
  • Punjabi as a Second Language
  • Yogic philosophy and Practice
  • Sikh philosophy and Practice
  • Gurbani Kirtan and Tabla
  • Fine Arts

Grades 1-8
The curriculum for students from 1st to 8th grade provides a foundation for the requirements of the CIE curriculum.  Core subjects include English, Mathematics, Combined Science (Physics/Biology/Chemistry), History and Geography.

Grades 9-10
The curriculum in grades 9 and 10 prepares students for the The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), the world's predominant international qualification for 14–16 year olds.  Students have the option to take internal examinations based on the CIE curriculum, or to take the IGCSE examinations.

IGCSE Courses:

  • English - First Language
  • English – Literature
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Science - Combined

Grades 11-12:
Students in grades 11 and 12 select Cambridge International A Level courses, which give in-depth knowledge and lifelong skills that prepare them for success in higher education and employment.  Students have the option to take internal examinations based on the CIE curriculum, or to take the CIE A-Level examinations held in the month of May through June.

A Level Courses:

  • English - Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Applied Information and Communication Technology
  • Art and Design
  • Biology

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