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Seva Opportunities

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Below are some of the many ways to help our community create this year's Baisakhi event in downtown Los Angeles.  Please send an e-mail to the Community Coordinator to sign up to join a team.

Baisakhi Set-Up and Logistics:  Be involved in the physical set up, especially if you have special skills or have a large vehicle available, such as a truck, SUV or van.

Decoration Team: Engage yourself in the transformation of the Convention Center, especially if you have special skills or can offer use of a sewing machine or vehicle.

Langar Preparation and Service:  Be a part of the team that helps chop prepare the food as well as serving the langar (the vegetarian meal).

Prashad Service:  Prashad is served during the entire Kirtan Darbar program to all who come and bow before the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. You may sign up for a half hour or more.

Children's Activities: The Baisakhi Event provides professional supervision of the children in the Children's Activity Hall. Help lead a group of children in a special art or music project, read stories, or other activities.

Hosting Team:  Join the hosting team that welcomes newcomers and special guests. The hosts and hostesses answer questions, direct folks to where they wish to go, and help make everyone feel welcome and at home.

Float Decoration: Help decorate the floats for the Nagar Kirtan.

Post-Event Break Down and Clean-Up: This final crew transforms the Baisakhi Village back into a commercial exposition hall in a matter of a few hours immediately following the Kirtan Darbar program.

If you would like to help out, you can offer your services on the spot, or sign up in advance. Send an e-mail to the Community Coordinator for more information.

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