Weekly Sukhmani Sahib Recitation

Every week, on Sunday mornings, we enjoy the privilege of reciting Sukhmani Sahib from 8:30 – 10:00 am. We look forward to reciting this blissful Bani with you.

If you want to develop inner peace, one of the best technologies you can use is to recite the Bani Sukhmani Sahib. 'Sukh' means peace, and 'mani ' is the mind. Any one who reads this Bani with love, faith, and devotion opens the doors of the treasure of eternal bliss and the very spring of peace.

Yogi Bhajan says:

"One Sukhmani a day will change and entire destiny from misery to prosperity."

"There is no prayer in the world which doesn't bring peace. There is no peace which desn't invoke prayer - they are relative terms."

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